EasyLynq is a centralized billing and accounting management solution, featuring a complete set of tools for the tracking of all calls across IP networks and traditional telephony servers, targeting from small offices to large multi-branch global enterprises.

With a high reliability level, as witnessed by more than 12000 customers worldwide, EasyLynq gives you the perfect tool for monitoring call traffic and cut operational costs. With its advanced query generator, it provides a unified and accurate view of your network communication costs and traffic.

In the Hotel version, it allows to control the hotel telephony services giving a rich and effective experience to both guests and staff.

EasyLynq IVTS

EasyLynq IVTS is a SIP-based software solution for IVR and voice mail running on Windows® operating systems.

Based on a easy-to-use visual editor, EasyLynq IVTS makes it possible for an user to quickly create scripts for IVR (interactive voice response), even those of higher complexity.

The mailboxes have advanced services such as forwarding voice messages to e-mail, notifications via instant messaging, costumizable greeting messages, among others.

In a hospitality environment, it also provides wake-up service, room-status and minibar/laundry posting. Under this scenario, EasyLynq IVTS fully integrates with EasyLynq Hotel for an efficient management of human resources.

EasyLynq Voqqale

EasyLynq Voqqale is a state-of-the-art software-based voice recording solution for VoIP telephony networks, compatible with all major IP PBXs and voice servers.

EasyLynq Voqqale provides comprehensive standard reports with advanced search-and-replay,customized evaluation forms and call rating, live call monitoring/playback through standard computer speakers and configuration of multiple users and groups with selective access to the database. Recorded calls are encrypted to ensure the integrity of access to sensitive recordings and information profiles.