IVTS Enterprise

The key to improve efficiency and productiveness in all companies


How long a customer waits for an information? How many calls go through the wrong person? Is an auto-attendant system expensive and hard to set up? Based on the SIP protocol, EasyLynq IVTS is a state-of-the-art software solution that adds all auto-attendant features to a telephony switch, increasing the service quality of a company and its customers' satisfaction with unbeatable value for money.

With an easy-to-use visual editor, EasyLynq IVTS provides a quick way for users to create their own IVR scripts (Interactive Voice Response), even those of higher complexity. EasyLynq IVTS offers several scripting objects, such as audio files playback, TTS (Text-To-Speech), voice recognition, e-mail, database access, code execution logic with syntax analysis in C# and VB.NET, audio playback from media servers (RTSP), support for multiple languages, call transfer and forwarding with recording option, selection of music on hold, among others.

The integrated voice mail service offers advanced services such as forwarding voice messages to e-mail, instant messaging notifications, customizable greeting messages and much more.

EasyLynq IVTS also allows to combine all these advantages with the XML phone applications service, enabling the provision of useful information on stocks, weather, airports, trains, etc., in the display of the phone sets. The visual editor, with advanced graphical capabilities that replicate the performance at the telephone terminal, supports most brands on the market.


Main features:

  • IVR service for inbound calls, providing scripting objects such as audio files playback, voice recognition, TTS (Text-To-Speech), e-mail, database access, code execution logic in VB and C# .NET, audio from media servers (RTSP), call transfer and forwarding with recording option, music on hold and much more
  • Voice mail
  • Caller ID saved with messages
  • Call return from message
  • User greetings for absent, busy and unavailable messages
  • E-mail user with voice mail attached file
  • Instant messaging notification of new voice mails (requires external equipment)
  • Real-time display of calls in progress
  • Reminders
  • Supported languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Spanish, Italian and Turkish

Optional features: